we are peaceful

Throughout history, Muslims were known as peaceful people; Christians and Jews lived with them in peace, their lives, their properties were preserved as their own.
The killings and other atrocities suffered by the Jews around the world were not committed by Muslims and Arabs, but by Westerners. What is called Holocaust and defined as genocide of european Jews during World War II was committed by Nazi Gemany and its collaborators not by Palestinians , Arabes or Muslims.
And seven centuries ago, it was not the Muslims who chased and persecuted the Jews of Andalusia, it was the Spanish Inquisition and Muslims suffered the same fate .Together Jews and Muslims were forced to emigrate to the countries of the Maghreb (Algeria , Morocco , Tunisia).
Unfortunately and through one of these reversals in history, today, the worst enemies of the Jews are the Arabs for whom they demand death and extinction trying to forget their real persecutors and falsely accusing their cousins.
This charade has lasted too long; charade maintained for a long time even by the United Nations, and where everyone benefits except the Palestinians.
Only the Palestinians were and are still being out of the game.
It’s not fair !
It’s not fair at all !
So, for those who bombard or applaud the bombing of the children of Gaza, it’ s time to stop lying to yourselves and face reality: Your enemies are not the Arabs, they are not the Muslims, they are those who chased you or killed you and to clear their conscience they blame their guilt complex on others.
We are not terrorists!
We, Muslims and Arabs, we are not terrorists , we are more human than most of the inhabitants of this planet and our fraternity is offered to all those who agree to open their eyes and see.
For those who prefer to remain blind : damn you !

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